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Dear Parents/Caregivers of Students in Grades 7 and 8:


During the week of October 16th – 20th, your child will be taking part in Say Something Week at Storm Lake Middle School. We will be discussing how to recognize warning signs, signals and threats of potential violence and the importance of taking action by telling a trusted adult.


As a parent/caregiver, we know it can be hard to know how your child is feeling. Today, many teens and adolescents turn to print, video and online channels to express themselves, their thoughts and hopes, and their anxieties and personal feelings. Some even go as far as hinting at hurting them self or someone else. Their friends and peers are the eyes and ears of a school and community, and may see and hear these communications, but may not always understand or know what to do with that information. Say Something teaches all of this.


We encourage you to talk to your child about Say Something and share what they have learned. Not only will this conversation help you learn to recognize any signs in your own child’s expressions, but it demonstrates to them that you also take this subject seriously and can be one of the trusted adults your child turns to if they suspect someone may need help.


We know that schools are extremely safe places and Say Something will help keep our young people and community safe. For more information on Say Something, please visit:


Thank you,

Ms. Vasher, Mrs. Graham, and Mrs. Robinson