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  • Storm Lake Community School District
  • Scholarships 2020-2021

Below is a listing of available scholarship opportunities (listed by due date).  More will be added as we receive information so check back regularly!

Where can I find scholarship and other college financing information?  Check out these resource links:
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Due Date


Award Amount

02/26/2021 Excellence In Agriculture $2,000
02/26/2021 Iowa Farm Bureau $1,000
03/01/2021 Technical Scholarship  
03/01/2021 Iowa Automobile Scholarship $2,500
03/05/2021 Harold Salton Scholarship  $500
03/15/2021 FFBC $3,000
03/15/2021 Louie Family Foundation Scholarship $4,000
03/25/2021 Federal Employee Education Assistance Scholarships $1,00 - $5,000
03/26/2021 Ag Partners/ALCECO Scholarship  
03/29/2021 You Deserve It Scholarship $2,222
03/31/2021 Citizens Community Scholarship $2,000
03/31/2021 SFM Foundation $1,000
03/31/2021 SP High School Scholarship $10,000
04/01/2021 Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship $10,000
04/05/2021 Iowa Games 2021 Brian Pearson Memorial $1,000
04/28/2021 VSA Emerging Young Artists Program $20,000


  All Iowa Opportunity varies
  Future Ready Scholarship  
  Governor Terry E. Branstad up to $5,000
  Iowa National Guard Scholarship varies
  ISU various scholarships/award amounts
  Iowa Vocational Tech up to $900 per year for 2 years
  Kibbie Grant Scholarship varies
  Robert D. Blue $500 to $1,000
  UNI various scholarships/award amounts
  University of Iowa various scholarships/award amounts