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  • Storm Lake Community School District
  • SLHS Silver Cord Program

Dear SLHS Student:

It is important that graduates of Storm Lake High School understand and develop an appreciation for and a commitment to volunteerism and community service.  We want students to be stewards of their school, community and greater world.

Students at SLHS are encouraged to find and volunteer for projects that help and benefit others.  These students gain personal and social development, increase motivation and engagement, and new perspectives and world awareness.

Service awards are for those students who embrace this challenge and volunteer to better their school and community.  We will recognize students who have given of their time and talents to help others with our Silver Cord at graduation.

When our graduates leave our school, they will be ready to face the challenges they will find in new communities and use their service tradition to continue to make a positive mark in their world.

Silver Cord Program Guidelines

The purpose of the Silver Cord Program is to encourage students to make a contribution to their community through service and volunteer hours and to recognize those efforts.  Service is working above and beyond expectations and using personal time.  It is time given freely to benefit someone or some other organization.  The award can be earned by completing 200 hours of approved community service with non-profit organizations.  It is suggested that students complete a minimum of 50 hours of approved service activities per year to reach the total 200 hours.  Students may accumulate their 200 hours in varying amounts during their four years of high school.

To be eligible for the SLHS Silver Cord Award students:

  • must be full-time and meet all program requirements
  • begin on June 1 after completing 8th grade and conclude April 30 of their senior year
  • who transfer into SLHS will have the required hours pro-rated
  • must acquire the 200 hours through service to a minimum of three different organizations, a maximum of 100 hours per organization
  • should pick up the form and fill it out when service has been completed
  • obtain the signature of supervisor - this can not be a parent

The documentation forms can be submitted to Ms. Romero in the office upon completion, but must be turned in quarterly.

About Our School

Storm Lake High School has approximately 700 students enrolled.  If every student gave one hour of time, that would be 700 hours in which to make our city a better place, help a famly in need, clean our roads and highways, or befriend a child who needs attention.  Become a stronger Tornado by being involved with organizations that promote service:

  • Key Club
  • Student Council
  • International Club
  • Speech and Drama Clubs
  • Athletic Boosters
  • Art Club
  • Music Boosters

Service opportunities may include:

  • Volunteering for church projects or mission trips
  • Helping improve school buildings and grounds
  • Coaching younger children
  • Tutoring students before or after school
  • Highway cleanups
  • Blood drives
  • Assisting in a hospital, shelter, nursing home or food pantry

We also offer an award of the SLHS Gold Star key holder with an emerald stone when a student earns a total of 25 points.  These points can be accumulaterd over the course of oine or more school years.  One hour of service equals one service point.  These 25 points count towards the earning of the Silver Cord.

Download Brochure Silver Cord Program Form